BIP-34: Sunrise Improvements

Proposed: April 26, 2023

Status: Passed

Link: Snapshot


The SeasonFacet removed from Beanstalk was incorrectly listed in the original Snapshot proposal as 0x83d6e6b446613c9bfaebc64260962bc4f828a3ac. The correct SeasonFacet address is 0x0cEFF1129091A0ffa97cC58d4D160F9676866a24.

sow, sowWithMin, and sunrise were listed as View functions. They are Call functions.

The MetapoolOracle event was removed from SeasonFacet, but was not listed.


Beanstalk Farms, Chaikitty

Proposer Wallet: 0xf9d183af486a973b7921ceb5fdc9908d12aab440



During times of short-term excess demand for Soil, Beanstalk is paying significantly more in Pods than is necessary to attract creditors. In addition, Pod minting is concentrated towards Farmers who are able to execute transactions on-chain first when the demand for Soil is excessively high.

Beanstalk frequently overpays for the sunrise, as most of the reward is used to pay for high gas prices that are due to the competitiveness of calling sunrise.

The sunrise function is not interoperable with the farm function, as the function does not currently return any data.

Proposed Solution

Morning Auction

We propose a Dutch auction for Temperature in the Field during the first b blocks after the sunrise (Morning) of each Season. Each Morning, the Temperature ramps from 1% to 100% of the maximum Temperature.

With this change, the Temperature offered by Beanstalk is dynamic within a Season. In practice, when deltaB > 0, the amount of Soil issued in a Season is dynamic, while the maximum number Pods that can be issued if all Soil is Sown in the Morning is fixed. When deltaB < 0, the amount of Soil issued in a Season is fixed, while the maximum number of Pods that can be issued if all Soil is Sown in the Morning is dynamic.

Before Morning Auction

Parameters within a given Season deltaB > 0 deltaB < 0
Soil issued Fixed Fixed
Maximum number of Pods that can be minted* Fixed Fixed
Temperature Fixed Fixed

*If all Soil is Sown.

Morning Auction

Parameters within a given Season deltaB > 0 deltaB < 0
Soil issued Dynamic Fixed
Maximum number of Pods that can be minted** Fixed Dynamic
Temperature Dynamic Dynamic

**If all Soil is Sown in the Morning.


  1. Redefine all instances of image as the maximum Temperature image.

  2. Redefine h to:


Where a is the control variable, b is the number of blocks needed to elapse to reach the maximum Temperature, and c is the number of blocks that have elapsed since the sunrise call.


  1. Adjust the time in which Beanstalk considers demand for Soil increasing in instances where all but at most one Soil is Sown from 5 minutes to 10 minutes since sunrise (i.e., image).

  2. When deltaB > 0, fix the maximum Pods that can be issued during a Season based on the number of Pods that became Harvestable at the start of that Season.

Due to function changes in LibDibbler.sol, the Fundraiser Facet must also be updated.


The following changes are made to Beanstalk's storage:

Sunrise Incentive Adjustment

We propose changing the base sunrise incentive reward to account for current network and Beanstalk conditions.

The following logic is used to calculate the incentive reward:

gasUsed = min(deltaGas + GAS_OVERHEAD, MAX_SUNRISE_GAS)
gasFee = block.basefee + PRIORITY_FEE_BUFFER
gasCostBean = gasFee * gasUsed * ethBeanPrice
sunriseReward = min(BASE_REWARD + gasCostBean, MAX_REWARD)
exponentiatedReward = sunriseReward * 1.01^(blocksLate * BLOCK_LENGTH_SECONDS)


gm function

We propose adding a gm function that (1) implements the sunrise function, (2) can send the incentive reward to the caller's Farm or Circulating balance and (3) returns the number of Beans paid for the incentive reward.

Technical Rationale

The cost to execute sunrise in Beans is:

gasUsed * (baseGasFee + priorityFee) * beanEthPrice

This solution computes an on-chain estimation of the above formula while adding sufficiently tunable parameters to properly account for estimation error and potential manipulation.

Adding the ability to send sunrise incentive rewards to the caller's Farm balance increases the composability of Beanstalk. Adding a return value for the new gm function makes it much easier for other smart contracts calling Beanstalk to track sunrise incentive rewards.

Economic Rationale

Reducing unnecessary Pod issuance should improve Beanstalk's creditworthiness as a borrower. Maximizing Beans borrowed for a given Pod issuance should improve Beanstalk's efficiency.

Reducing unnecessary Bean issuance in the sunrise incentive reward can reduce sell pressure on Beans.

The cost of paying the sunrise caller differs based on the selected ToMode and whether the caller already has Beans in their Circulating and/or Farm balance. GAS_OVERHEAD is set such that the incentive amount is high enough for Farmers that don't have Beans in their balances already. For Farmers that already have Beans (outside the Silo), this also has the affect of compensating for one failed transaction per success, such that a caller with 50/50 success rate will retain slight profit.

Improving the composability of Beanstalk should improve the user experience and utility of Beanstalk and Beans.

Contract Changes

The Δ symbol indicates that there is a proposed change in functionality.

Field Facet

The following FieldFacet is being removed from Beanstalk:

The following FieldFacet is being added to Beanstalk:

FieldFacet Function Changes

Name Selector Action Type Δ
sow 0x6c8d548e Remove Call
sowWithMin 0x78309c85 Remove Call
harvest 0x8fd83ecf Replace Call
harvestableIndex 0xd6be1816 Replace View
plot 0xe1d9d628 Replace View
podIndex 0xcb44a6cf Replace View
totalHarvestable 0x067fcd2e Replace View
totalHarvested 0x23dc1142 Replace View
totalPods 0xc0aa6a90 Replace View
totalSoil 0x3285008a Replace View
totalUnharvestable 0x4433366d Replace View
yield 0x28593984 Replace View
maxTemperature 0x7907091f Add View
remainingPods 0x56ba3e24 Add View
sow 0x32ab68ce Add View
sowWithMin 0x553030d0 Add View
temperature 0xadccea12 Add View

FieldFacet Event Changes


Fundraiser Facet

The following FundraiserFacet is being removed from Beanstalk:

The following FundraiserFacet is being added to Beanstalk:

FundraiserFacet Function Changes

Name Selector Action Type Δ
createFundraiser 0x4b4e8d9a Replace Call
fund 0x43c5198e Replace Call
fundingToken 0xc869c1eb Replace View
fundraiser 0xce133450 Replace View
numberOfFundraisers 0x6299a9af Replace View
remainingFunding 0x0d1a844c Replace View
totalFunding 0x6ee66ddf Replace View

FundraiserFacet Event Changes


Season Facet

The following SeasonFacet is being removed from Beanstalk:

The following SeasonFacet is being added to Beanstalk:

SeasonFacet Function Changes

Function Name Selector Action Type Δ
paused 0x5c975abb Replace View
plentyPerRoot 0xe60d7a83 Replace View
poolDeltaB 0x471bcdbe Replace View
rain 0x43def26e Replace View
season 0xc50b0fb0 Replace View
seasonTime 0xca7b7d7b Replace View
sunrise 0xfc06d2a6 Replace View
time 0x16ada547 Replace View
totalDeltaB 0x06c499d8 Replace View
weather 0x686b6159 Replace View
abovePeg 0x2a27c499 Add View
gm 0x64ee4b80 Add Call
sunriseBlock 0x3b2ecb70 Add View

SeasonFacet Event Changes


Initialization Contract

The init function on the following InitBipSunriseImprovements contract is called:

Beans Minted



The commit hash of this BIP is 538b7a2a89760f6e7aab0fa3146551c030f388d1.

Halborn has performed an audit of this BIP up to commit hash f37cb42809fb8dfc9a0f2891db1ad96a1b848a4c. You can view the Halborn audit report here. All changes made between the two commits were either tests, documentation or minor fixes found during code review.


Immediately upon commit.